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I love this tea!! It has helped take away redness and acne. I have very sensitive skin so I am so so happy this product works so well for me! Ashevibes products I recommend to all.

Simone's Review of Glow Skin Detox


Every product has been a life changer! Sprayed some of this after a shower and my curls looked so lovely. Her products are the only things that touch my hair!

Madeline's Review of Eden's Fruit Hair Mist

I've struggled with hyperpigmentation for a while and this clay has aided with evening my skin tone so much! I've also noticed great reduction of my acne scars. Such a perfect product to clearing my skin up. definitely HOLY GRAIL for me!

Dae's Review of Clay Doll Facial Clay


I can't believe how shiny and amazing my hair feels after using this product! 

Tiffany's Review for Mocha Hair Butter

Absolutely in love with this peice! Its gorgeous and makes for a great gift to yourself or a godess you love.

Vianna's Review for our Yoni Wand


I always drink this tea when I'm on my cycle. It has helped with every symptom.

Amber's Review for our Period Tonic

These flowers are so amazing. I love making them into tea and watching them turn blue then a pretty magenta color after adding lemon juice...

Simone's Review of our Butterfly Pea Flower

whenever i use this mask my face is sooo soft afterwards and feels really cleansed and fresh. i've also had experiences when getting subtle period acne and using this mask at night by the morning my acne redness faded little to none + almost clear up, later on in the day it would clear up completely.

Emely's Review of Clay With Me Facial Clay

I absolutely love this facial mist! It evens out my complexion very nicely and gets rid of the redness in my cheeks. Super cooling during this horrendous Florida heat! If I could give it 6 stars I would!

Jamie's Review of Euphrates Facial Mist
Curly Girl Essentials
organic hair care
Five star raw herbal hair care
products designed for curly girls
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Gua sha facial rejuvenation
Black Obsidian
Dual butterfly gua sha set for bilateral facials and body work. Promotes blood flow, firms and strengthens the fascia, prevents signs of aging, & increases your skin's elasticity
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Advocate for social change
Women's Wellness Initiative
Want to advocate for women's health while you shop?
Check out our donation-based collections! We donate
10% of our proceeds to provide women housing,
menstrual product accessibility, free mental health
services and more.
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When you shop with Ashe Vibes, you advocate for eco-friendly packaging, organic & sustainably produced ingredients and community-based holistic initiatives.

Ceremonial grade
organic matcha
Discover the illuminating experience of finely ground, ethically cultivated green tea
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Herbal Fountain of Youth
Organic Butterfly Pea Flower
Reproductive Tonic | Integumentary Tonic | Nervine | Nootropic | Anxiolytic | Anti-Oxidant | Anti-Aging
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Amethyst | Pelvic Egg Set
Amethyst | Pelvic Egg Set
Amethyst | Pelvic Egg Set
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Ashe Vibes is a holistic self-care brand dedicated to sharing goods, knowledge and services with the community! Our site includes a variety of premium quality herbal formulas, crystal tools and natural beauty products used to enhance wellbeing. We also provide private energy work sessions, workshops, and tutorials via patreon so you can dive deeper into the world of self-care

Our Products

We don't cut corners and we don't compromise. Our founder fell in love with the power of nature's finest ingredients and we believe you deserve to as well. We never use fillers, low grade materials, or questionable ingredients. Here at Ashe, we delight in the glow of untreated crystals, the smell of real sandalwood, the beauty of pure matcha and the fresh aroma of raw ginseng and we are determined to share that illuminating experience with you. For this reason, we source only the finest quality materials to present you an essence of what this incredible planet truly has to offer.  

All Ashe Vibes products are made with organic ingredients and are handcrafted, cruelty free, non-GMO and plant-based. Each one of our herbal blends & beauty products are ethically sourced and formulated with premium ingredients that are free of synthetic additives. 

We pride ourselves in providing you with the most authentic forms of holistic products made with love, passion and dedication.  

What is Ashe? 

Ashe (Ase) is the Yoruba philosophy by which we may conceive, change and command our environment. Ashe flows through all forms of life and exists to produce authority and power within us.

Sometimes used as a greeting, word of endearment or a form of agreement, Ashe is the power to manifest change. Every human, spirit, animal and river is sustained by Ashe. It is the foundation for life and creativity and is the essential life force behind all things. Ashe is both something that you are and something that you do and is the force by which we will change the world.  

Our Founder 

Ashe Vibes was founded by Leah Santos, an afro-indigenous young woman born in Fort Lauderdale Florida who is passionate about holistic self-care.

With a special concentration in herbal healing, energy work and natural beauty, she is passionate about sharing these skills to help womxn of all walks of life heal, reconnect and thrive.  

Leah received a B.A in sociology from FAU and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine.

Our Mission

Ashe Vibes is dedicated to serving people --dedicated to providing real, handmade, eco-friendly, holistic products to improve the lives of those within the community. We are a black-indigenous woman owned brand that is passionate about using healing as a form of activism. 

Here is how Ashe Vibes is giving back to the people 

    • Eco-Friendly Packaging
    • Organic Ingredients & Sustainably Harvested Herbs 
    • Refusal of selling endangered or culturally sacred products such as white sage, palo santo, rosewood and palm oil 
    • plant based products that are never tested on animals
    • Reduced prices for items sold at local markets and events 
    • Free trauma informed classes through Zepp Wellness
    • Refusal to sell products and services on platforms that violate human rights
    • Activism resource page with rewards to for following various action items  
    • Providing monthly holistic care packages to BIWOC through nominations 
    • donating 10% of intimate crystal profits to The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, organization dedicated to ending violence against Native women and children