Luminous | Vibrance Facial Set

Dive into the delicious scent of pure dragon fruit, freshly harvested matcha and raw Chinese ginseng as you experience a holistic facial like no other. We combined our Luminous Ubtan, Snow White Exfoliant and Pitaya Hydrating Jelly to provide you with a facial uniquely designed to illuminate the complexion. Luminous Vibrant Facial Set is a must-have choice for anyone looking to rejuvenate dull, worn and dry skin

Luminous Vibrance Facial Set is modeled after an age-old Ayurvedic facial treatment that combines the use of ubtans, gentle exfoliants and freshly prepared facial packs to restore youthfulness and bounce  

Like many of our products Luminous Vibrance Facial Set contains dry ingredients that are activated by water. Dry ingredients optimize your skin-care experience by (1) not requiring the addition of synthetic preservatives, (2) allowing you to curate a fresh preparation with each use and (3) allowing us to package more of our raw ingredients into our containers so you can enjoy your products longer! 

Luminous Ubtan

Replace your face wash with this raw organic cleansing Ubtan. Extensively used in Ayurvedic Beauty to cleanse, nourish and brighten the complexion ubtans do not disrupt the natural mantle protecting the skin unlike most facial cleansers and soaps. Designed with gentle herbs traditionally used in Ayurvedic formulations, use this vibrant facial powder to serve as your daily cleanser to provide your skin the cleanse it deserves. Take a look at our key ingredients: 

Lemon Peel | rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals that prevent wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation. Lemon Peel is naturally rich in antioxidants, pectins and phenols which deeply penetrate the skin to leave you refreshed and clarified. Lemon peel has been used in Ayurvedic beauty for many years to enhance the skin's radiance and texture.

Brahmi | Botanical highly prized in both Ayurvedic beauty and health. Brahmi Improves the skin’s pigment, removes toxins and improves cells turnover to reveal an enhanced complexion. Known to cleanse soften and protect the skin's mantle this herb is a must have ingredient when formulating an Ubtan 

Aloe Ferox | A staple of Ayurvedic Beauty. Aloe Ferox treats inflammation, which makes it excellent for irritated and acne-prone skin types. Aloe ferox holds antimicrobial properties making it a wonderful botanical for daily cleansing. 

Luminous Full Ingredients | raw white kaolin clay, raw glacial clay, organic chickpea, organic lemon peel, organic comfrey, organic methi, organic brahmi, organic aloe ferox.  

Snow White Facial Exfoliant 

We take a different approach with our facial exfoliants. Adhering to ancient Ayurvedic beauty secrets, we refrain from using sugar, salts or harsh ground seeds and beans in our exfoliant. Instead we select fine yet impactful botanical exfoliants that provide longevity to the skin without creating long term damage. Snow white features a rich combination of five powerful botanicals used in East Asian cosmetics for many centuries. Curated with organic finely powdered rice as its exfoliant, a cherished beauty ingredient used by East Asian women throughout the ages to reveal a glass-like complexion. This powder is then sifted with matcha, ginseng, bamboo and yin er making it a formidable anti-aging blend full of valuable nutrients. Take a look at our key ingredients here: 

Matcha | Snow white is curated with organic, ceremonial grade matcha, the same exact matcha we use for tea ceremony. This diligent choice to add the most superior quality of matcha cultivated in Japan allows the skin to reap the full benefits green tea has to offer the skin. This finely powdered tea loads the skin with antioxidants, revealing an unmatched polish to all skin types. 

Yin Er Snow Mushroom | a nutrient-rich mushroom that has been used in Chinese cosmetics for many centuries. Yin Er has been used in baths, creams and oils as a powerful anti-aging ingredient to leave the skin soft, smooth and clear. This prized fungus improves skin elasticity, enhances brightness, all while loading the skin with nourishing phytonutrients 

Bamboo | naturally rich in silica, bamboo powder encourages the production of silica making it an excellent anti-aging ingredient. Because bamboo is a natural astringent, it can be used to address acne and enlarged pores. Snow White features pure bamboo powder that comes from the extracted pulp of Tabashir bamboo stems. This powder acts as a light exfoliant to gently remove build-up while also nourishing the skin 

Snow White Full Ingredients | organic rice, organic yin er, organic bamboo, organic Chinese ginseng, organic ceremonial grade matcha 

Pitaya Hydrating Jelly 

A product unlike any other, our fresh hydrating jelly utilizes the ultra-moisturizing power of plant mucilage -- a natural jelly produced by raw botanicals when combined with warm water. This natural mucilage deeply penetrates the skin and hair to seriously hydrate the complexion revealing an unmatched softness and glow. Take a look at our key ingredients: 

Red Pitaya Fruit |

Slippery Elm |

Fenugreek |

Pitaya Full ingredients | organic slippery elm organic irish moss, organic red pitaya fruit, organic fenugreek, organic marshmallow, organic flax seed, *organic essential oil blend 

Rose Quartz Bowl Set

This kit includes a lovely bowl set crafted from raw African rose quartz as a reminder to practice mindfulness, love and tranquility during your self-care regimen. Includes a 3" bowl set and matching mini spatula to prepare your fresh products.

Kit Instructions | For external use only. Begin with Luminous Ubtan and add 1 tablespoon of dry powder to your rose quartz bowl. slowly add pure water to the powder and stir with your spatula until a creamy paste is formed. Apply a warm compress to the face until the skin is moist. Using clean hands, apply Luminous to the face and massage gently in circular motions being sure to avoid the eyes. Rinse thoroughly. Next, taking Snow White, add 1 tablespoon of dry powder to your rose quartz bowl. slowly add pure water to the powder and stir with your spatula until a creamy paste is formed. Apply Snow White to the face and massage very gently in circular motions being sure to avoid the eyes. Do not press the exfoliant too harshly onto the skin when massaging. Rinse thoroughly. finally, using Pitaya, add 1 tablespoon of dry powder to your rose quartz bowl and slowly add hot water to the powder stirring until a gel is formed. apply the jelly onto the skin and massage in circular motions. allow the gel to full dry and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat once weekly (use Luminous daily to replace your face wash) 

Kit Details | Luminous Vibrance Facial Set includes our Luminous Ubtan, Snow White Facial Exfoliant, and Pitaya Hydrating Jelly. Also includes one rose quartz bow set with matching spatula and an earth aware canvas bag. 

3 separate 4oz glass jars containing dry powdered ingredients and a 3' rose quartz bowl and spatula. Keep products in dry, cool areas out of direct sunlight. 2 year shelf-life upon delivery. Not intended for internal use. 

Precautions | All cosmetic products present the chance of allergic reaction. Thoroughly review all product ingredients and perform a patch test with your product(s) before exposing them to the body. discontinue use if you observe adverse reactions  Products are packaged in glass. Keep out of reach of children.

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness.This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness.