Sustainability Mission

Ecological and social wellbeing are pillars of holistic health. We have woven these values into the fabric of our brand to provide you sustainable and ethically curated goods. Here are the steps we have taken to do our part:

  • All products are formulated with premium grade, organic, non-gmo, unadulterated and sustainably cultivated ingredients  
  • Providing discounts and rewards to customers who advocate for social change...[Read More]
  • shipping our products in plastic free, biodegradable wrappings 
  • Refusal to sell endangered or culturally sacred products such as white sage, palo santo, rosewood and palm oil 
  • plant based products that are never tested on animals
  • Refusal to sell products and services on platforms that violate human rights  
  • Providing monthly holistic care packages to BIWOC through nominations 
  • donating a portion of our monthly profits to various organizations such as The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, organization dedicated to ending violence against Native women and children 

Quality | We don't cut corners and we don't compromise. Our founder fell in love with the power of nature's finest ingredients and we believe you deserve to as well. We never use fillers, low-grade materials, or questionable ingredients. Here at Ashe, we delight in the authenticity of real, raw, organic materials and we are determined to share that illuminating experience with you. For this reason, we source only the finest quality ingredients to present you with an essence of what this incredible planet truly has to offer.  

All Ashe Vibes products are made with organic ingredients and are handcrafted, cruelty free, non-GMO and plant-based. Each one of our herbal blends & beauty products are ethically sourced and formulated with premium ingredients that are free of synthetic additives.