Womens Wellness Initiative

We are passionate about improving the health outcomes of women. As advocates of self-care, we understand the value of supporting the advancement of women's health. We started our Women's Wellness Initiative to share 10% of select proceeds to various organizations who are doing amazing work for women in the US. We selected four women-led organizations who are dedicated to providing women sanctuary, survivor support, mental health services, improved birthing outcomes and menstrual product accessibility. 

Each organization provides competent care to black indigenous women of color, trans/queer/non-binary women, sex workers and houseless women. Read more about these proactive organizations below. 

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Lotus House Women's Shelter 

"Our mission is to improve the lives of women, youth and children experiencing homelessness by providing sanctuary, support, education, tools and resources that empower them to improve the quality of their lives on every level, achieve greater self sufficiency, and build safe, secure lives. If their dreams come true, we enrich our community with the fruit of their potential realized.

To support our mission, we advocate on behalf of women, youth and children experiencing homelessness to raise awareness of their special needs; inspire innovative, holistic solutions that truly break the cycle of childhood abuse, domestic violence and homelessness; and advance service driven research and enlightened public and social policies for greater understanding, social inclusion and resources for women and children experiencing homelessness.

Our vision is that every woman, youth and child experiencing homelessness will have the opportunity to heal, learn and grow, build the foundation for a brighter future, and blossom into who they are truly meant to be."

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Zepp Wellness 

"Zepp Wellness Center is a Black & queer-led non-profit mental health organization founded by a Black, queer sex worker dedicated to offering accessible and non-judgmental mental health services. Zepp Center focuses on meeting the needs of Black, Indigenous, POC (BIPOC), queer folks and sex workers and is staffed exclusively by BIPOC, queer folks and sex workers.
Currently, Zepp Center offers rent relief to Black trans women navigating sex work; trauma-informed therapy; holistic services like yoga and meditation/qigong to heal sexual trauma; and an online support group exclusively for femme-identified sex workers

There is an immediate need for mental health services that center BIPOC, queer folks and sex workers. Through Zepp Center, these needs are met by focusing on safe housing, trauma recovery/management, stress/harm reduction and holistic services/spirituality."

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National Indigenous Women's Resource Center 

"The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, Inc. (NIWRC) is a Native-led nonprofit organization dedicated to ending violence against Native women and children. The NIWRC provides national leadership in ending gender-based violence in tribal communities by lifting up the collective voices of grassroots advocates and offering culturally grounded resources, technical assistance and training, and policy development to strengthen tribal sovereignty.

Our staff and board of directors consist of Native women from throughout the United States with extensive experience and commitment to ending violence against Native women and their children. NIWRC's staff bring decades of expertise in building the grassroots movement to increase tribal responses to domestic violence and increase safety for Native women."

Helping Women Period 

"We provide menstrual products to low income and homeless people in the Mid Michigan area. To help ensure that all menstruators have the products they need, when they need them. Supplying shelters and other places with menstrual hygiene item."

Black Women Birthing Justice 

​"BWBJ is a grass-roots collective out of Oakland, CA. We identify as Black women and individuals across the African Diaspora and are committed to transforming birthing experiences for Black women and birthing people. Our vision is that every pregnant person has an empowering birth and postpartum experience, free of unnecessary medical interventions and forced separation from their child, one that honors their autonomy and maintains dignity. We aim to educate and inform, to document and share Black women and individuals’ birth stories in their own words, to raise awareness, influence healthcare policy, and keep birth sacred. We challenge human rights violations, including maternal mortality and near misses, and rebuild confidence in our Black and Brown community’s ability to birth."