Yoni Flower | Feminine Relief Set

 Naturally address chronic vaginitis with our organic feminine relief kit. We combined In Bloom Vulva Steam, Yoni Flower Herbal Tea and Yoni Lip Gloss Vulva oil to gently regulate your precious microbiome to finally provide long-term relief. Our raw herbal kit targets internal pathology leading to chronic vaginitis while addressing irritation, itchiness and inflammation.   

Vaginitis describes a range of disorders that cause infection and inflammation of the vagina and oftentimes the vulva. Pathology may result from microbial imbalances and can result from irritants, poor hygiene, menstruation and sex. symptoms often include itching and burning and may or may not include abnormal odor 

Yoni Flower

Herbal tea curated with organic botanicals used in biomedical herbalism to address the systemic manifestation of reoccurring vaginitis. A must-have formula for those dealing with yeast infections and BV regularly, Yoni Flower harmonizes the internal microbiome while allowing secondary symptoms to subside. Take a look at our key ingredients: 
Pau D'arco | highly valued South American herb, Pau D'arco has been used in indigenous herbalism as a natural cure-all for many generations. Especially useful for treating infections and candidiasis, this herb acts as an effective anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent.  
Buch Leaf | traditional South African herbal remedy, buchu is a naturally fragrant leaf used extensively for treating urogenital issues, especially chronic UTI's with co-occurring yeast infections. Useful in the treatment of cystitis, urethritis, and vaginitis, buchu can help alleviate burning accompanied with excessive discharge. 
Chaste Tree Berry | one of the greatest hormonal modulators available in the plant world, chaste tree berry directly regulates the endocrine system in the case of both hyperfunction and hypofunction. it's natural ability to regulate female sex hormones makes it invaluable for addressing vaginitis due to hormonal irregularity.
Yoni Flower Ingredients |  Juglans nigra (Organic Black Walnut), Larrea tridentate (Organic Chaparral), Echinacea angustifolia (Organic Echinacea), Tabebuia impetiginosa (Organic Pau d’arco), Salvia officinalis (Organic Red Sage), Agathosma betulina (Organic Buchu),  Vitex agnus-castus (Organic Chaste Tree Berries) 
Herbal Actions | Anti-Microbial | Demulcent | Diuretic | Anti Inflammatory 

Yoni Lipgloss

Gentle feminine oil designed to keep the vulva soft & nourished. This blend includes seven organic ingredients that are mild enough to be used on the vulva to relieve itching, burning and irritation. Completely free of fragrances, chemicals or strong essential oils, Yoni Lip Gloss uses a blend of organic coconut, black cumin, rose hip, & calendula flowers. This oil can be used to combat itching, burning and inflammation associated with vaginitis

Coconut oil | The main ingredient in this formula, coconut oil is perhaps one of the greatest oils to use on the vulva. Coconut oil holds a pH that does not generally disrupt the natural flora of the vulva making it an excellent oil for genital massage.

Calendula | gentle yet powerful botanical that has been used in salves and creams for centuries to treat a variety of genital complaints. Calendula is an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and vulnerary (wound healing) flower making it a must-have additive for preventing and treating disruptions of the vulva  

Sea Buckthorn Oil | a miraculous skin-reparative oil, sea buckthorn is a natural superfood abundant in antioxidants and renowned for its ability to heal an almost endless variety of skin complaints. Sea buckthorn holds a radiant red color and is used often as a serum to treat wounds, acne, eczema,  irritation, hyperpigmentation, & allergic reactions. 

Yoni Lipgloss Full Ingredients organic coconut oil, organic sea buckthorn oil, organic rosehip oil, organic black cumin seed oil, organic vitamin E oil, organic rose buds, organic calendula flowers

Kit Details | Between the Valley includes our Yoni Flower Herbal Tea, In Bloom Vulva Steam and Yoni Lip Gloss Vulva Oil.

total of 3 items. (1) 32oz glass jar containing dry whole herbs (2) 8oz glass jar with spoon containing dry herb (3) 4oz glass bottle with dropper containing oil-based liquid with herbs. 2 year shelf-life upon delivery.

Precautions | Do not take herbal supplements without first consulting with your healthcare provider. Pregnant and breastfeeding people, children, and individuals over the age of 50 should be cautious when using herbal supplements. General contraindications concerning the combination of herbal supplements and various contraceptives are unknown and may potentially be unsafe. Should you experience any adverse reactions, discontinue use immediately and contact your healthcare provider. 

Yoni Lip Gloss is not intended for internal use. All topical products present the chance of allergic reaction. Thoroughly review all product ingredients and perform a patch test with your product(s) before exposing them to the body. discontinue use if you observe adverse reactions  Products are packaged in glass. Keep out of reach of children

Kit Instructions | Bring 3 cups of water to a boil. Add 2.25 grams of Yoni Flower herbal blend to the water and allow the herbs to steep for 25 minutes. Separate this concoction into three equal parts. Take part I in the morning, part II in the afternoon and Part III in the evening. (totaling three doses daily). Continue to take these herbs for 7-10 days and assess whether symptoms have subsided. Be sure to follow up with a qualified herbal practitioner for any necessary testing.

Apply Yoni Lipgloss on the external genitalia as needed to relief itchiness and discomfort. with clean hands, apply several drops of Yoni Lip Gloss onto the vulva and massage gently. Yoni Lip Gloss is intended for external use only and is suitable for both vulva and phallic massage. Yoni lip gloss may reduce the effectiveness of latex condoms. 

* These product(s) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These product(s) is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. Consult a certified healthcare practitioner before consuming herbal supplements. Not intended for children or nursing/pregnant women.