Bathsheba | Vulva Facial Set

We combined Bathsheba's Yoni Clay with our Yoni Lipgloss vulva oil to give you a restorative & refreshing vulva facial. Excellent for enhancing vibrance while addressing dullness, dryness and irritation. 
At Ashe Vibes, we know the female reproductive system is self-regulating -- including the vulva! This product in not intended to "cleanse" the inner labia but is instead used to restore the surrounding skin to address hyperpigmentation, irritation, dryness and dullness. Experience a lovely vulva facial with this gentle, raw organic set.
Like many of our products Bathsheba Vulva Facial Set contains dry ingredients that are activated by water. Dry ingredients optimize your skin-care experience by (1) not requiring the addition of synthetic preservatives, (2) allowing you to curate a fresh preparation with each use and (3) allowing us to package more of our raw ingredients into our containers so you can enjoy your products longer! 

 Bathsheba's Clay 

Nourishes and revitalizes to leave the skin soft and supple. Used along the labia majora, mons pubis, bikini line and inner thigh, this natural clay mask is excellent to use after shaving or waxing and can bring luster and brightness back to the skin. Take a look at the main ingredients:

Purple Brazilian Clay The soft purple pigment of this clay is due to the high levels of magnesium. Purple clay is anti-aging, helping to guard against environmental impurities while also improving the production of collagen within the skin

Yin Er Snow Mushroom | A fungus that has been used in Chinese cosmetics for many centuries. Yin Er has been used in baths, creams and oils as a powerful anti-aging ingredient to leave the skin soft, smooth and clear. This prized fungus improves skin elasticity, enhances brightness, and loads the skin with nourishing phytonutrients. 

Powdered Bamboo naturally rich in silica, bamboo encourages the production of silica making it an excellent anti-aging ingredient. Because bamboo is a natural astringent, it can be used to address razor bumps & enlarged pores. Bathsheba's clay features 100% pure & natural bamboo powder that comes from the extracted pulp of Tabashir bamboo stems. This powder acts as a light exfoliant to gently remove build-up while also nourishing the skin

Acai | A superfood berry containing an abundance of antioxidants. When applied to the skin, Acai eradicates free radicals while improving cell turnover and elasticity to reveal a natural glow

Bathsheba's Clay Full Ingredients | raw purple Brazilian clay, raw white kaolin clay, raw pink kaolin clay, organic yin er, organic rose buds, organic acai, organic butterfly pea flower, raw multani mitti clay, organic bamboo powder, organic vitamin E oil, organic black cumin seed oil, organic sea buckthorn oil, organic coconut oil

Yoni Lip Gloss

Gentle feminine oil designed to keep the vulva soft & nourished. This blend includes seven organic ingredients that are mild enough to be used on the vulva to heighten your yoni massage experience. Completely free of fragrances, chemicals or strong essential oils, Yoni Lip Gloss uses a blend of organic coconut, black cumin, rose hip, & calendula flowers. This oil can be used to combat itching and irritation from menstruation, menstrual products, sex, clothing and exercise. 

Coconut oil | The main ingredient in this formula, coconut oil is perhaps one of the greatest oils to use on the vulva. Coconut oil holds a pH that does not generally disrupt the natural flora of the vulva making it an excellent oil for genital massage.

Calendula | gentle yet powerful botanical that has been used in salves and creams for centuries to treat a variety of genital complaints. Calendula is an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and vulnerary (wound healing) flower making it a must-have additive for preventing and treating disruptions of the vulva  

Sea Buckthorn Oil | a miraculous skin-reparative oil, sea buckthorn is a natural superfood abundant in antioxidants and renowned for its ability to heal an almost endless variety of skin complaints. Sea buckthorn holds a radiant red color and is used often as a serum to treat wounds, acne, eczema,  irritation, hyperpigmentation, & allergic reactions. 

Yoni Lipgloss Full Ingredients organic coconut oil, organic sea buckthorn oil, organic rosehip oil, organic black cumin seed oil, organic vitamin E oil, organic rose buds, organic calendula flowers

Rose Quartz Bowl Set

This set includes a lovely bowl set crafted from raw African rose quartz as a reminder to practice mindfulness, love and tranquility during your self-care regimen. Includes a 3" bowl set and matching mini spatula to prepare your fresh products.

Kit Instructionsexternal use only. Begin with Bathsheba's clay. Add a tablespoon of the dry clay into your rose quartz bowl. slowly add pure water to the clay and stir with your spatula until a creamy paste is formed. This clay is best applied right after a bath or shower. Clay is best absorbed with a trimmed or hairless surface but may still be used with the presence of pubic hair. Find a comfortable space where you can recline with the legs open in a butterfly position on top of a clean towel. using clean hands, apply the clay onto the labia majora, mons pubis, bikini line and inner thigh. Do not apply this clay to the labia minora, or vagina. Relax and allow the clay to sit for 5-10 minutes. gently remove the clay with a clean moist washcloth then rinse the skin thoroughly with warm water to remove any excess. Do not allow the clay to completely harden as removal could be difficult. 

Once the clay has been rinsed away, gently pat dry and follow up with your Yoni Lipgloss oil. with clean hands, apply several drops of Yoni Lip Gloss onto the vulva and massage gently. Yoni Lip Gloss is best for external use only and is suitable for both vulva and phallic massage.

Product DetailsBathsheba’s Vulva Facial Set includes one Bathsheba's clay, one Yoni Lip gloss vulva oil, one rose quartz bow set with matching spatula and an earth aware canvas bag.   

kit includes 3 items. (1) 4oz glass jar containing dry powdered ingredients (2) 4oz glass bottle with dropper containing oil-based liquid with herbs (3) 3 inch rose quartz bowl and spatula. Keep products in dry, cool areas out of direct sunlight. 2 year shelf-life upon delivery. Not intended for internal use. 

Precautions | do not use this product if you have open sores and wounds on the vulva. Products may cause allergic irritation in some individuals. Always perform a patch test. oil based vulva products may reduce the effectiveness of latex condoms. this product in not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any ailment.  Products are packaged in glass. Keep out of reach of children.