Clay With Me | Facial Mask Set

Facial Mask Set containing three nutrient rich herbal clay masks -- each designed with unique qualities to provide a spectrum of cosmetic benefits. We curated Clay with Me, Clay Doll and Out the Mud with pure French, Brazilian, Israelian and Moroccan clays to provide you with an array of nutrient rich pigments. Each Clay mask is enriched with organic botanicals and non-comedogenic oils to repair and brighten the complexion. Where most clay masks are ultra-drying and harsh, our clay set purifies and nourishes the skin making it the perfect facial mask set to add to your skin care regimen.

Like many of our products Clay With Me Facial Mask Set contains dry ingredients that are activated by water. Dry ingredients optimize your skin-care experience by (1) not requiring the addition of synthetic preservatives, (2) allowing you to curate a fresh preparation with each use and (3) allows us to package more of our raw ingredients into our containers so you can enjoy your products longer! 

Clay With Me 

Gently cleanses, calms, and nourishes sensitive skin. Clay With Me features organic ceremonial grade matcha, pure French green clay and Japanese water mint to remove impurities, improve blood circulation & remedy inflammation. The first facial clay created by Ashe Vibes, Clay With Me remains an all-time favorite for many of our beloved customers. Take a look at our key ingredients:

Matcha | A powerful anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory tea. Matcha reduces signs of redness and irritation surrounding blemishes making it a great additive for those with acne, rosacea, or psoriasis. The high antioxidant levels in matcha combats the presence of free radicals to reveal a plump and balanced complexion.  Ashe Vibes Matcha is not only organic and sustainably grown, but it is also ceremonial grade ensuring the highest level of development and traditional cultivation of this valuable shaded tea leaf.

Bamboo | naturally rich in silica, bamboo powder encourages the production of silica making it an excellent anti-aging ingredient. Because bamboo is a natural astringent, it can be used to address acne and enlarged pores. Clay With Me features pure & natural bamboo powder that comes from the extracted pulp of Tabashir bamboo stems. This powder acts as a light exfoliant to gently remove build-up.

Kelp | naturally rich in iodine, antioxidants and minerals, kelp powder revitalizes dull and washed out complexions. Kelp can alleviate dry patches along the skin while also serving as a powerful anti-aging ingredient. Naturally anti-inflammatory, kelp powder reduces inflammation surrounding breakouts aiding in faster skin recovery. 

Clay With Me Full Ingredients | raw french green clay, raw green illite clay, organic matcha, organic bamboo, organic kelp, organic hemp seed oil, organic rose hip oil, organic Japanese water mint oil, organic coconut oil, organic green tea infusion, *organic essential oil blend

Clay Doll

Designed to enhance brightness and target hyperpigmentation to reveal an instant glow. Clay Doll repairs long term damage over time while enriching the skin with anti-aging phytonutrients to maintain youthfulness and luster. Take a look at our key ingredients: 

Chinese Ginseng | A cosmetic treasure, ginseng is a highly sought after and increasingly expensive medicinal root. Perhaps one of the greatest anti-aging ingredients to be added into your natural beauty routine, ginseng halts signs of aging and restores youthfulness in all skin types

Multani Mitti | Clay cherished for its amazing ability to restore uneven complexions. multani is a personal favorite for people with hyperpigmentation and scarring along the face. Naturally brightens both dark spots and scars without washing the skin out.  

Turmeric | used extensively in both north Africa and Indian beauty, turmeric is especially useful for melanated skin. this golden herb reveals a brightness and glow that can revive chronic dullness. 

Clay Doll Full Ingredients | raw rhassoul clay, raw multani mitti clay, raw glacial clay, organic ginseng root, organic turmeric, organic hempseed oil, organic golden jojoba oil, organic black cumin seen oil, organic castor oil, *organic essential oil blend 

Out the Mud 

Clarifying spot treatment designed to intensely target breakouts. This clay spot treatment contains premium grade dead sea clay, french black clay, & rhassoul clay, three mineral rich clays prized for their ability to treat skin issues and preserve beauty. These clays are enriched with Sea Buckthorn oil to load the skin with medicinal antioxidants. Out the Mud is excellent for anyone with disruptive breakouts or for those looking to prevent breakouts in their problem areas. Take a look at our key ingredients: 

Dead Sea Clay | natural mineral-rich clay yielded from the Dead Sea, this clay has been used for centuries to heal external wounds & repair surface damage. Dead Sea Clay improves blood circulation to the face while also drawing out impurities from within the skin. Traditionally used to treat a variety of muscular pain, Dead Sea Clay’s benefits are more than skin-deep.  

Sea Buckthorn Oil | a miraculous skin reparative oil, sea buckthorn is a natural superfood abundant in antioxidants and renowned for its ability to heal an almost endless variety of skin complaints. Sea buckthorn holds a radiant red color and is used often as a serum to treat wounds, acne, eczema, irritation, hyperpigmentation, & allergic reactions. 

Activated Charcoal | deeply penetrates the skin to bind and remove dirt and oil from within the pores. Activated charcoal is an excellent ingredient to combine with clays to improve their ability to remove impurities. Excellent ingredient for reducing irritation, preventing future breakouts, and balancing oily skin types

Out the Mud Ingredients | raw dead sea clay, raw french black clay, raw, rhassoul clay, raw activated charcoal, organic sea buckthorn oil, organic Japanese water mint oil, organic coconut oil, organic ginseng extract, *organic essential oil blend

Rose Quartz Bowl Set

This set includes a lovely bowl set crafted from raw African rose quartz as a reminder to practice mindfulness, love and tranquility during your self-care regimen. Includes a 3" bowl set and matching mini spatula to prepare your fresh products.

Kit Instructions | For external use only. Choosing one of your three facial clays, add 1 tablespoon of dry clay to your rose quartz bowl. slowly add pure water to the clay and stir with your spatula until a creamy paste is formed. Apply a warm compress to the face until the skin is moist. Using clean hands, apply your clay to the face and massage into the skin being sure to avoid the eyes. allow the clay to dry then gently rinse with warm water. Use your facial clays once a week or biweekly. Use twice weekly to target problematic areas.

Kit Details | Clay With Me Facial Mask Set includes three individual facial clays, one rose quartz bow set with matching spatula and an earth aware canvas bag. 

3 separate 4oz glass jars containing dry powdered ingredients and a 3' inch rose quartz bowl and spatula. Keep products in dry, cool areas out of direct sunlight. 2 year shelf-life upon delivery. Not intended for internal use. 

Precautions | All cosmetic products present the chance of allergic reaction. Thoroughly review all product ingredients and perform a patch test with your product(s) before exposing them to the face. discontinue use if you observe adverse skin reactions   Products are packaged in glass. Keep out of reach of children.

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness.This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness.