Mocha | Growth & Protection Kit

protect & nourish your delicate curls with this raw organic hair care trio. We combined our Mocha hair butter, Havasu scalp oil and Hang time split-end oil to provide your hair with a radiant variety of rejuvenating oils and butters designed to seal moisture, prevent breakage and stimulate natural growth

Curated with precious Ayurvedic botanicals, this is a must-have set for curly girls looking to naturally enhance shine and softness while accelerating healthy new growth. Ideal for maintaining strong healthy curls during protective style, buns and braids. 

Mocha Hair Butter

Dive into the natural aroma of sweet coffee & uccuba butter to reveal strong & silky curls. This organic whipped hair butter can be used as a pre-poo, detangler, and sealant providing your curls with a heavy duty protective butter that leaves no residue or excessive build-up. Designed to penetrate the hair cortex to deeply nourish each strand, Mocha is an all time favorite for our curly customers. Take a look at out key ingredients: 

Ucuuba Butter | Native to Central and South America, Ucuuba butter has long been used as a cherished cosmetic ingredient by indigenous women. Serving as the main butter in our formula, uccuba naturally protects the hair from external damage and free radicals while simultaneously improving hair elasticity giving you stronger and more resilient curls. 

Coffee Essential Oil | largely responsible for the invigorating mocha scent of this raw hair butter, we infuse mocha with 100% pure unadulterated coffee essential oil. naturally rich in an abundance of phytochemicals, coffee seed encourages new cell growth providing miraculous reparative benefits. 

Raw Cacao | We infuse Mocha hair butter with raw cacao naturally using the radiant Florida sun to infuse its wonderful cosmetic benefits. A wonderful ingredient for retaining length, cacao strengthens the hair cortex and protects against long-term weakening

Mocha Ingredientsorganic ucuuba butter,  organic coco butter, organic shea butter, organic mango seed butter, organic babassu butter, organic avocado oil, organic castor oil, organic cacao, organic coffee seed essential oil   

Havasu Scalp Oil

Curated with raw organic oils and botanicals cherished in Ayurvedic beauty for their astounding ability to enhance growth, strength and luster. This profound combination of unique ingredients vastly accelerates growth while nourishing the scalp and protecting the hair. We decided to go beyond the generic "hair growth" ingredients often found in scalp oils and dug deep to give you a formula that has stood the test of time. Take a look at out key ingredients: 

Amla oil | also known as Indian gooseberry, Amla is perhaps one of the greatest oils for natural hair care. Amla is a highly revered botanical in Ayurvedic beauty for its ability to prevent hair loss, premature graying, and breakage. Naturally abundant with vitamin C, A and polyphenols, Amla adds luster and shine back into the hair while also encouraging abundant growth 

Shikakai | Another powerful beauty secret long revered in Ayurvedic cosmetics, shikakai is renowned for its ability to stimulate growth and prevent breakage. By fortifying the hair cortex and stimulating the scalp, Shikakai allows us to produce healthy new growth while also nourishing dry, damaged ends. 

Castor oil | highly prized oil for hair growth, castor oil has been used by women for many years for its wonderful ability to stimulate growth. Castor oil provides a protective barrier along the scalp and allows the infused herbs to deeply penetrate the scalp. Castor oil is especially useful when addressing hair loss due to damage. 

Havasu Ingredients | organic amla oil, organic rose hip oil, organic argan oil, organic brazil nut oil, organic jojoba oil, organic grapeseed oil, organic castor oil, organic shikakai, organic amla, organic bhringraj, organic hibiscus flower, *organic essential oil blend  

Hang Time Split-End Oil

Herbal infused hair oil designed to fortify & nourish your ends to effectively prevent breakage and retain length . While stimulating growth is important, preventing breakage is the long-term key in achieving waist length hairThis organic hair serum strengthens the inner matrix of each hair strand so you can finally skip the trim & keep the length. Take a look at our key ingredients: 

Brazil Nut Oil | Nutrient dense carrier oil, Brazil nut oil is easily absorbed into the hair shaft carrying with it the phytochemicals of all other ingredients. naturally rich in Vitamin E, selenium and fatty acids, Brazil nut revives dull, weakened hair strands eradicated the straggly look often seen at the ends of curls.  

Sandalwood Essential Oil | The single greatest natural ingredient in preventing breakage, Sandalwood is a highly cherished and increasingly expensive oil to be used in cosmetics. with an unmatched aroma, sandalwood strengthens and binds weakening ends to prevent frays and splits. We use 100% pure premium quality sourced from East India giving you an unadulterated, rich fragrance. 

Fenugreek | Nutrient rich seed used in Ayurvedic beauty for several centuries, fenugreek seed softens, strengthens and improves shine with addressing aging hair. Because our ends are the oldest and most delicate parts of our hair. fenugreek can be used to enhance the vitality of the hair strand. 

Hang Time Ingredients | organic Brazil nut oil, organic avocado oil, organic grape seed oil, Organic argan oil, organic castor oil, organic black cumin seed oil, organic hibiscus flowers, *organic essential oil blend

Kit Instructions | you can use each product in any order that you like. We recommend beginning with your Mocha hair butter. taking a dollop of butter, smooth it through the palms until gently melted and apply it to the hair shaft. use as a pre-poo or detangler before cleansing. Can also be melted down over the stovetop to produce a hot-oil treatment. Follow up with Havasu scalp oil. Filling your dropper, guide the end to your scalp allowing the oil to flow over the roots. using the fingertips, massage in circular motions for several minutes. Finally, add 1-2 pumps of hang time into the hands and incorporate it gently onto the ends. 

Kit Details | Kit includes Mocha Hair Butter, Havasu Scalp Oil and Hang time Split-End oil. Includes one Earth Aware canvas bag. 

3 items in total: (1) one 8oz glass jar containing solid oil that may melt at warm temperatures, (2) one 4oz glass bottle with dropper containing oil-based liquid with dry herbs, (3) 1oz glass bottle with pump containing oil-based liquid with dry herbs. Keep products in dry, cool areas out of direct sunlight. 2 year shelf-life upon delivery. Not intended for internal use. 

Precautions | All cosmetic products present the chance of allergic reaction. Thoroughly review all product ingredients and perform a patch test with your product(s) before exposing them to the body. discontinue use if you observe adverse reactions  Products are packaged in glass. Keep out of reach of children.

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness.This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness.